Done in: 06.2019 / Client: Derivco

Royal Casino Game

What the client needed

Request for simple casino slot game development.

Slot machine simulation web-app running under Google Chrome.
Slot machine page has following interface elements:

  1. Reels
  2. Pay-table
  3. Balance indicator (text-box)
  4. SPIN button
  5. Debug area

My part of the project

App developed with Vue JavaScript Framework, styled with SASS and added JSON winning rate file.

Here are the steps I made:

  1. Research the best technique to accomplish the task. Vue is perfectly capable of powering Single-Page Applications.
  2. Slot machine reel on JsFiddle with Vue Framework.
  3. Slot machine graphic mock-up in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.
  4. Project in IDE PhpStorm, graphics and code combined, styles added – according to task.